Thursday, January 14, 2010


Misogyny is a funny thing, when you think about it.
I mean, it's not funny in a Ha Ha sort of way, of course.
It's just...
How many guys see one of their female friends
(See! They aren't misogynists! They have women who are Just Friends!)
Angry and crying and instinctively think
"That Time Of The Month."
How many guys always want to drive because deep down
Deep deep deep deep down
They honestly assume, without cause
That they are better drivers than their woman passengers.
How many guys associate 'feminist'
With hairy-legged angry lesbian with blue hair and an eyebrow piercing?
How many guys assume they need to help
With everything
And I do mean everything
Because it's 'chivalrous.'
Clearly, nothing gets those panties dropping
Like calling a chick incompetent.
If a guy doesn't say 'twat'
But assumes without question every girl wants to have a happily-ever-after marriage
He's still an asshole.
Maybe a bigger one.
Cause 'cunt' 'bitch' 'twat' 'ho'
They're just words.
And words have no real power
Said the writer.
But ideas.
Ideas are where the poison hides.
Latent, shadowed thoughts,
Assumed superiority
These are the men who really make
A feminist's skin crawl.

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